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Dakota Duron

When Dakota was born, then Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer called Denny Duron to congratulate DeAnza and him. The Governor said “I hear you have a Dakota. I have a Dakota as well. Do you know what the name means?” Denny replied that he didn’t know and the Governor continued. “The word Dakota is a Sioux Indian word that means A Friend Always.” And that perfectly describes Dakota who is the baby of the Duron family. Perhaps as a result of being raised in a house with so many type A personalities or maybe just because Dakota has always been perfectly at home in his skin and surroundings, he has the coveted ability to talk everybody’s language. No he has not mastered foreign languages, but he has mastered the art of genuine conversation. Dakota believes everyone on the planet is a VIP and he treats them like it.

Dakota is the last of the Durons to play Quarterback at Evangel Christian Academy. He makes no apologies for wanting to be “the best ever” and of course all the brothers are pulling for him. He is an accurate passer, a dangerous runner, with a scrambling elusive style. He has a passion for the game that has made him a committed student and knowledgeable field general. He would love to play football in college and perhaps make a career of coaching. Dakota actually started as a sophomore wide receiver catching passes from big brother David Dee before he took the helm as quarterback his junior year. His shining moment however came his freshman year in the quarterfinal state playoff game. David Dee went to the sideline with a dislocated knee after throwing his forty seventh and forty eighth Touchdown passes of the year. ENTER the 135 pound 5ft 3in freshman Dakota. DeAnza echoed the feeling in the stands when she said “All I could do was pray”. Dakota was undaunted. He promptly threw 4 touchdown passes and the next week threw the winning TD in overtime of the semifinal contest. The next week Dee was back and courageously, bandaged knee and all, led ECA to the state title, but everyone knew it could have never happened without Dakota.

Dakota has only recently begun to pursue music. He has made appearances with his brothers and is developing as a promising singer.

Dakota is a faithful believer and has a wonderful gift to share his love for Christ with others. His friends love to hear him “PREACH” on a wide variety of subjects. According to his teammates these “sermons” can be quite entertaining. But Dakota makes it clear he is listening to The Holy Spirit about what his future holds, and he would be honored to spend his life in full time ministry.

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