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DeAnza Duron

When DeAnza Brock met a young college football coach named Denny Duron in St. Joseph, Missouri 35 years ago, she had no idea than her life was about to change.

DeAnza, a former Junior Miss New Mexico, was originally from the small town of Farmington, New Mexico, but she was anything but a small town girl on that fall night in 1978.  She had traveled with some of the most well- known performing troupes of the era, including, the Johnny Mann Singers and Spurrlows.  She had lived in Hollywood, L.A., Burbank, Houston, Kansas City and Seattle.  As a professional studio singer, DeAnza recorded with Ralph Carmichael, the Carpenters and others.  Her professional career included radio and TV  and extensive study with the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera workshop.  She had traveled, sharing her songs and faith to audiences in Hong Kong, China, Sweden, Norway, Germany and India.

Two years after that night, DeAnza would move to live in Springfield, Missouri with her new husband, Football Coach, Evangelist Denny Duron.

DeAnza was not through singing, producing and recording however.  In fact, she was just getting started.  After a Tony Brown produced duet album with Denny, she recorded a solo project, “Come a Little Closer” that included several of her compositions, including the title cut.  She amazingly formed Denny’s entire college team into a male chorus and they were so impressive, the University held rallies in some of the largest venues in the region with Denny ministering backed up by the Evangel Crusade Choir and their diminutive director, DeAnza!

When the children began to come, she focused her talent on each of them.  Perfect pitch wasn’t an option for the Duron kids, every inflection, tone and rhythm was coached continually.

Music was such a part of DeAnza’s life; she began to write songs for the kids to communicate the lessons she wanted to teach them.  Crazy melodies combined with clever lyrics like, “It’s Not Fun If It’s Not Fun for Everybody” and “Everybody’s Taking a Nap, (all the fishies in the seas and birdies in the trees), or “I’m Allergic to Griping” – began to catch on with the little D’s.  So DeAnza took the kids to the studio, producing full length videos, a stack of audio recordings, and even a monthly cassette featuring the Duron kids singing life lessons to kids all over the globe.  There was never a major distributor, but to this day, “Best Buddies” cds are in demand by a second generation of parents who remember singing the songs as kids.

DeAnza is the consummate wife, mom and “ZaZa” (Grandmother).  When her kids are performing, or ministering, or competing, she is there, praying, smiling and encouraging.

She is an in demand communicator who possesses a riveting style that is both elegant and forceful.  Denny says, “She is remarkable, she loves speaking all the time, all over the world.”  But DeAnza makes sure her husband and children are always first, and the greatest joy for her and her husband of 33 years is to simply “watch the kids do anything.”

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